Sunday Workshops & Masterclasses

You can get more of Radiodays Europe by signing up for an in-depth experience with one of our masterclasses on the Sunday, prior to the Radiodays Europe conference in Amsterdam.

The masterclasses are available for an extra fee. Registration can be made by ticking a box when you register for RDE, or if you already have registered, by going back into the registration and upgrade for a masterclass. The price is 40-50 EUR + tax.

Reigstration for masterclass partcipants start at 13.00 at RAI convention centre and the masterclasses/workshops start at 13.30 on Sunday 19 March. Please leave enough time for collecting your badhge and finding your meeting room pprior to the start at 13.30. Workshops/Masterclasses are only available as an upgrade option for participants with an RDE ticket.

1. Storytelling for the airwaves: Crafting powerful stories in the digital age

Information without story is dull and easily forgotten. No matter what the platform, be it online news to snap chat, journalism that is strong on story is always the most well received. 

This interactive session explores ways that radio journalists can tell better stories using 8 essential story elements. Story is a universal language, made up of very specific components. How can you craft your story effectively to reach your audiences in a powerful way?

This masterclass  introduces you to tried and tested techniques to use information creatively; you will then practice these techniques to develop stories that stick. The RNTC methodology is “Learn by doing” and as such we will have you developing stories by the end of this interactive masterclass.

Trainer: Brandon Oelofse is a senior trainer at Radio Netherlands Training Centre in Hilversum. He is an award winning screenwriter and filmmaker and his work has been represented at numerous festivals. He has directed television series, commercials, short films, documentaries, new media content, stage plays and is well known for his work as a music video and adverts director in South Africa. Brandon has a Masters of Fine Arts from The South African School of Film and Live Performance (AFDA).

Session time: 13.30 on Sunday 19 March. Duration:  2hrs 30 minutes


2. Online investigation – the essential skills

A masterclass for anyone who want to learn how to better use social media and online investigation for jounralistic purposes. BBC:s online investigation expert will reveal loads of hidden tricks and tips for working with Facebook, Twitter and other sources.

Trainer: Paul Myers now heads up BBC Academy's Investigative Hub project. By blending his technical knowledge of the medium with the realities of his work in the BBC, he was able to devise many groundbreaking techniques and strategies that continue to shape the way journalists conduct online research and investigation.

Paul has worked with leading programmes like Panorama, Watchdog, national news bulletins, BBC Online, local & national radio and the World Service. He has also helped train personnel from The Guardian, the Daily Telegraph, the Times, the Financial Tine, Channel 4, CNN, the World Bank and the UNDP. 

Session time: 13.30  on Sunday 19th March. Duration: 2 hrs 30 minutes


3. The mobile video masterclass for radio professionals

We all know now that we need to adapt to changing user expectations – for example regarding video. But how exactly does that video stuff work?

In this very hands-on workshop, Irish mobile journalist Eleannor Mannion shares the best techniques, apps and tricks to make professional video around your radio stories – even if you’ve never done that before.

Trainer: Eleannor Mannion, RTÉ, award-winning mobile journalist and creator of professional content just with the iPhone.

Session time: 13.30 on Sunday 19 March. Duration: 1 hr 30 minutes