Jeff Smith
Head of Music
BBC Radio 2 & BBC 6 Music
United Kingdom

Jeff Smith is Head of Music for the UK’s biggest radio station, BBC Radio 2, and as well as BBC 6 Music.  Jeff worked as  a  Producer  and  Editor  at  BBC  Radio  1  in  the  90s  before becoming their Head of Music. After 3 years as Controller of Capital FM in London, he was appointed Director of Music Programming at Napster. In 2007 to become Head of Music for Radio 2 and 6 Music, and oversees  the  music  policy  for  two influential stations in the UK. He is responsible for everything from weekly playlists to multi-artist live music events. Under his guidance, BBC Radio  2  now  has  over  15  Million  listeners  a  week,  and  6  Music  has become  the  ultimate  radio  destination  for  music  lovers.